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Earthing Body Bands - ORANGE.
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Earthing Body Band Kit
New Earthing Body Band Kit
Our Price: $49.88


Two different size Conductive Body Bands, two 20 foot Earthing Coil Cords, and an outlet tester.
Orange Body Bands in Pouch
Orange Body Band Kit
Our Price: $40.56


2 wristbands, 2 cords, 1 tester (in a bag)

Body Band Orange Wide Long
Body Band Orange Wide Long
Our Price: $16.20

1 Large Wide Orange Body Band (Adjustable from 12" to 22"). 2 1/4 inch wide.
Body Band Orange
Body Band Orange Wide
Our Price: $12.46

1 Small Wide Orange Body Band (Adjustable from 6" to 10"). 2 1/4 inch wide.
Foot/Ankle/Wrist Band (orange)
Body Band Orange 8"
Our Price: $12.16


Includes: one Single Earthing 8-inch Foot/Ankle/Wrist Band

The band is 1 inch wide, adjustable and elastic. The band contain conductive silver fibers on the inside that ground the body when the connection cord is plugged connected to the grounding system.
No connection cord included!

Earthing Coil Cord - 20 foot cord
Coil Cord
Our Price: $11.21


Earthing Coil Cord - 20 feet
Earthing Straight Cord - 15 feet
Straight Cord
Our Price: $9.97


15-foot Earthing Straight Cord

For use with all Earthing products, mainly the sheet or the mat
The wrist band is very handy to bring to the office. The band also allows you to move around a little bit, wheras the mat does not not follow you around.