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Earthing Contraindication

Earthing, or grounding is 100% natural. Would you be scared to walk barefoot on grass? Didn't think so. Earthing products bring the barefoot connection into your home. Walking barefoot keeps you healthy. However, some people may have to start Earthing gradually. Read on.

People on blood thinning or Thyroid medicine, read this!

On blood thinning medication?

After only 40 minutes of grounding your blood may be thinner and more free flowing. See video with Dr. Sinatra where he also mentions beta potential here. The blood can quickly go from ketchup to red wine, changing viscosity in a short while. This is not permanent. As soon as you stop grounding, the effect slowly goes back to your normal. We cannot know in advance how grounding will affect every person, but it is good to be aware of the possibility that it can affect your blood.
If you are on blood thinning medication and you are grounding a lot, then your blood might become too thin in conjunction with the blood thinning medication. Consult your physician and get tested over time to see that your levels are ok.

On Thyroid medication?

We heard from several people on thyroid medication, that they had to consult their physician to slowly lower their medication, because their levels changed once they started grounding regularly.
There is no guarantee or way of forecasting the effect for each person trying Earthing for the first time. Mind you, it will not change much in a day, but in a month it could lead to quite a dramatic change. That is why it is important to consult with your physician or health practitioner that can evaluate your test results and advice you on measures to be taken.